Practical GraphQL – Become a GraphQL Ninja [Video]

Practical GraphQL - Become a GraphQL Ninja

Practical GraphQL – Become a GraphQL Ninja [Video]

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Practical GraphQL – Become a GraphQL Ninja [Video]: A hands-on, practical course to learn the key aspects of GraphQL, including queries, mutations, scalar types, image management, authentication, and authorization

Have you heard about GraphQL? Have you always wanted to understand GraphQL? If yes, this course will help you learn about GraphQL in a hands-on manner.

As you progress through the course, you will acquire the skills necessary to understand and work with GraphQL’s basic as well as advanced features. In this course, you’ll mostly use Apollo GraphQL services for building your apps.

  • The basics of GraphQL
  • Authentication using GraphQL
  • Image management using GraphQL
  • Create applications using only GraphQL
  • Create applications that use GraphQL and React

Familiarity with React is required to get started with this course. You’ll use React to create several applications; however, it only covers the React parts that are relevant to the context.

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