Full Stack Web Development with Vue.js and Node.js [Video]

Full Stack Web Development with Vue.js and Node.js

Full Stack Web Development with Vue.js and Node.js [Video]

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Full Stack Web Development with Vue.js and Node.js [Video]: Create full-stack reactive web applications with Vue.js and Node.js

Vue.js is a versatile, approachable, and performant open-source JavaScript framework for building UIs and has a maintainable and testable code base. In combination with modern tools and support libraries, Vue.js will incrementally scale your projects to a solid and robust architecture.

This course will help you develop effective and maintainable full-stack web applications using Vue.js and Node.js. You’ll start by building the frontend to a songs playlist application, to log in, create a new playlist, and search through YouTube videos. You’ll learn how to build a scalable Vue.js frontend that can work well in combination with a Node.js backend application.

Next, you’ll learn how to consume data from a third-party API within your application as well as how to perform CRUD operations against a locally hosted API using the HTTP client Axios.

By the end of the course, you will have an understanding of fundamental Vue.js concepts and will know how to use its state management library, Vuex, and its frontend routing library, Vue-router. Also, you’ll be confident in building powerful and performant frontend web development using Vue.js.


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